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Three people reading on tablets and one virus also reading on a tablet. The tablet reads, "Everyone shoud read the Immunization Intelligence News." The virus appears frightened.
The Stuff of Champions
May 27, 2017

The Stuff of Champions Are you ready? By Lara Popovich & Michelle Bonjour   Minda Dentler held her three-month old baby

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A man sits alone on the bleachers at a hockey game. On the field are a penalty box with one hockey player in it, a Mumps box with several people in it, a Flu box with several people in it, and a No Vaccination box with several people in it. The man sitting alone in the bleachers says, "Great seats! Not much of a hockey game, though."
A Germophobe’s Paradise
April 2, 2015

How Sports Teams Work to Prevent Flu & Mumps,  And What Our Office Teams Can Learn From Them By Dale Dauten, Syndicated

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