The Most Trusted Consumer Access Solution
Built by Vaccine Intelligence Experts

Record Requests

Give consumers in your State simple and secure access to official immunization records for themselves and their dependents on any mobile device.

Connect Patients
To Their Records

Improve customer loyalty! Provide patients with instant access to their immunization records and bring patients back to your store when they are due for vaccines

Verify COVID
Vaccination Status

Employers, venues, and other businesses can allows users
to share their COVID vaccination status with any third party application.

Re-open the Economy with Digital Vaccine Credentials

Give consumers and local businesses a simple and secure way
to verify COVID vaccination status with VCI-standard QR codes.

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Full Immunization Histories for Adults and Their Dependents

Provide State-certified immunization records to adults and their dependents on any device. Save on staffing and other resources traditionally used to fulfill record requests.

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The Most Trusted and Secure Consumer Access Solution On The Market

Join 9 jurisdictions covering over 40 million Americans in providing the most widely used and trusted consumer access solution to your constituents. .

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