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Front Line Provider Support

Maintain control over scope of support while allowing us to handle all incoming IIS Help Desk interactions.
Fast Resolutions to End Users

Work with us to develop a triage process that ensures high priority tickets are handled first. Our support experts will provide fast resolutions to your end users, freeing up resources for your program.

Custom Support Workflows

Work with us to develop custom support and escalation procedures required for complex or technical questions to ensure fast resolutions for end users.

Feedback Driven Application Improvements

Any feedback provided by end users will be catalogued and analyzed for purposes of improving the IIS.

Monthly Support Metrics Reporting

Immunization program staff are sent monthly reports detailing the most common issues resolved, volume of support tickets, and other important metrics.


Not Using STC|ONE as your IIS?

NO PROBLEM! Our support experts are trained in multiple systems and can provide end user support regardless of platform.

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