SAFE Return to Work Program

Create a workspace where employees feel
protected and can do their best work.

Safe return to work program

A comprehensive solution for testing and tracking COVID-19, immune response and vaccination status within your workforce.
Digital Payment Card

Control costs by providing employees with
pre-paid digital payment card for COVID-19 testing

Digital Access
to Records

Empower employees with digital access to test results and vital health records through MyIR Mobile

Track Employee
Test Results

Assist with employee worksite decision making through access to test results across your organization


Improve health with wellness screenings, chronic disease management, immunizations, & acute testing

Are your employees SAFE?

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How does it work?


Digital Payment Cards for FDA-Approved Testing

Provide employees with pre-paid digital payment cards for FDA-approved COVID-19 tests. Employees can make appointments


Track Results and Immunity Across Your Workforce

After an employee has been tested, results will be tracked in a dashboard showing company-wide breakdowns of testing and immunity status. Employees will be able to access their individual test results through our consumer application, MyIR Mobile.


Ongoing Workforce Health Management

Digital Payment Card can also be created for periodic wellness screenings, chronic disease management, immunizations, and acute testing for strep and flu.

Is the Return to Work Program right for my business?

In the midst of COVID-19, protecting your workforce has to be a top priority. Our testing solution gives you the confidence to create and maintain an environment where employees feel safe and can be productive.

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