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Real-time Immunization Gap Reporting

Target at-risk populations who are not up-to-date on critical immunizations. Identify areas with the most urgent need for COVID-19 diagnostic tests, as well as the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

Population Assessments

Analyze population data sets to better understand risk factors. Identify susceptible communities, forecast outbreaks, and inform actions that can be taken to prevent worst-case scenarios.

Custom Reporting and Actionable Analytics

COVID-19 presents a unique challenge – let us help you find solutions. Rely on years of data science, machine learning, and epidemiology expertise to design research studies, analyze data sets, and create custom reports for your specific needs.

Point-of-Care Metrics

Track metrics related to point-of-care tests and laboratory services. Identify at-risk populations based on test results and recommend actions consumers can take to protect themselves against illness.

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