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actionable insights

To Monitor Vaccine Data
Get a comprehensive view of the data with easy to understand reports and dashboards for clear and quick answers and solutions.


To Better Manage Decision Making
Our platform is the only solution in the world that securely connects consumers, providers, and public health seamlessly for a more accurate representation of the data.


To Mobilize Effective Solutions
Respond rapidly to dynamic situations and changing needs with the right information at the right time.

How It Works

STChealth connects public and private health care data
sources to provide the most actionable insights in real time.

A comprehensive view
of the vaccination record.



  • “The LINKS system prepared our State’s Immunization Program to be able to properly manage every aspect of vaccine management needs throughout the phases of the COVID-19 response, and most importantly, at the times when effective and efficient vaccine distribution was most urgent.”

    Quan Le LINKS Program Manager at Louisiana Department of Health.


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