February 2018

Earbuds plugged into a smartphone and a sign that says "Ideas Start Here Podcast Episode 011: Tee Morris Makes a Phone Call".
Ideas Start Here Episode 011: Tee Morris Makes a Phone Call
February 15, 2018

ITUNES  STITCHER  GOOGLE  PLAY Podcast reunion of Jack Mangan and Tee Morris! Award-winning Steampunk and non-fiction author and podcaster Tee Morris

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Cartoon of two women behind a desk labeled "Vaccination Records." One woman is standing behind the desk. The other woman is sitting behind the desk and manually writing on scrolls with a feather ink pen. She says, "I know this seems tedious and out of date, but it's just how we've always done it."
More Nursing, Less Paperwork
February 12, 2018

More Nursing, Less Paperwork New System Connects Schools to State Immunization Registries, Easing Compliance for Nurses & Parents By Dale Dauten,

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