June 2021

“Ya Gotta Hear This” Vaccine Hesitancy and Rumor Control
June 15, 2021

This is Part Three of a two-part series. Thanks to strong interest in the first two articles oninternational COVID-19 vaccination issues,

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STChealth’s MyIR Mobile Sees Increase In Sign Ups as Washington Residents Rush To Verify Lottery Eligibility
June 10, 2021

Are you eligible to win BIG in Governor Inslee’s COVID vaccine lottery?  Residents of Washington State are flocking to confirm eligibility

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New Partnership between STChealth and Bindle Systems Gives Americans Secure Access To Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Records For the First Time
June 4, 2021

With mask mandates lifting, leaving many Americans frightened to trust the honor system when going into public places, STChealth and Bindle

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