With mask mandates lifting, leaving many Americans frightened to trust the honor system when going into public places, STChealth and Bindle Systems today announced a partnership that enables vaccination credentials to be anonymously verified. The collaboration allows individuals to definitively prove their health status to one another in workplaces, schools, and venues such as stadiums, arenas, theaters, and other shared spaces. 

This groundbreaking partnership will make it easy for Americans to download their vaccination records directly from immunization registries, mitigating fraud, while honoring individual privacy. STChealth’s secure access to immunization records and its reporting systems are also used by over 33,000 pharmacies.

Once an individual claims their vaccination record, the Bindle technology converts this information into an encrypted digital credential with provable chain of custody back to the issuing immunization registry.  People without smartphones will be able to use printed credentials.

Importantly, unlike “vaccine passports”, once health information is added to the Bindle platform, no one but the individual ever has access to personal healthcare information – not the location the individual is trying to enter, not the government, not BigTech, and not even Bindle itself. In addition, the platform was specifically designed so that unvaccinated individuals can also benefit from the technology – people who have not been vaccinated or who choose not to be vaccinated can instead add a proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test to the platform, or use a symptom survey.

The platform is free to the public and priced affordably for venues. Every type of location – from a small restaurant to a large stadium – can use the technology to safely and equitably reopen.

“We knew we were in a unique position to help the country because of our 32 year history of working with the CDC and the state immunization registries,” said Mike Popovich, CEO of STChealth.  “But a missing piece was turning the vaccination record into a private, portable, verifiable credential that Americans can carry with them.  And that’s where the Bindle technology comes in.”

“As we safely reopen our communities, we need an easy, private, and equitable way to prove our health status to one another,” said Gus Warren, co-founder and CEO of Bindle Systems. “Bindle was purpose-built for this. STChealth’s platform makes it simple to download your vaccine record and Bindle converts this data into a verified credential that you control.”

State and local governments interested in the partnership can contact STCHealth at STChealth | STC  or Individuals can download the My Bindle app from the app stores or at Businesses, schools, and venues that would like to use the Bindle platform to anonymously verify the health status of their employees and guests can download the software at

About Bindle Systems 

Bindle Systems is a Public Benefit Corporation founded in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of enabling the safe reopening of our communities, while respecting Americans’ right to privacy. The Bindle app lets individuals easily carry COVID-19 health credentials and then transforms those credentials into anonymous entry passes for workplaces, schools, and live event venues – all while keeping personal health information private. Entry passes can also be carried on a piece of paper. Bindle’s team has expertise across multiple disciplines including infectious disease, public health, social impact, privacy-by-design, cryptography, decentralized computing, and open source software. More information can be found at

About STChealth

STChealth’s mission is to eradicate vaccine preventable disease and empower individuals through our innovative technology and service solutions. We deliver on our mission through passion and innovation, through teamwork and inclusion, through superior client service and products, and a relentless pursuit of the next ”big idea”​ that will advance immunization intelligence. Starting with developing the first Immunization Information System (IIS) and over 33 years of experience in the immunization ecosystem, STChealth is positioned today to support more than 1/3 of COVID-19 vaccinations reported in the U.S. through our network of over 54,000 Providers and Pharmacy Partners. More information can be found at