FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Inquiries: STC (480) 745-8500 March 6, 2020

STChealth, with technology services and solutions that touch every piece of the healthcare ecosystem, is uniquely positioned to assist the entire country with a response for COVID-19.

In our 32 years of supporting public health, we have been through this many times… Measles, Hep A, Whooping Cough, Zika, Avian Flu, H1N1, SARS, Katrina, and the post 9-11 Anthrax risk, all in just the past couple of decades. But today there is a difference. Public Health preparedness, advanced information systems, stronger public-private immunizations partnerships, significant population health data assets and analytical tools to support risk mitigation are just a few of the assets available in today’s world.

“STC’s senior leadership team met late last week to discuss how we can be proactive with our public health, pharmacy, EHR, consumer, and school partners as this outbreak evolves.” Said CEO, Mike Popovich, “As a result, we established a task force with 4 main focus areas: “

  1. Strengthen the current STC | ONE, complete public health management tool, to ensure performance can scale well above current operations.
  2. Strengthen the current STChealth data exchange network by reducing state onboarding queues, developing new electronic connections between immunization providers and public health, and boosting the use of built in clinical decision support.
  3. Increase the number of consumers who have access to their official immunization records and engage directly with them via our MyIR portal.
  4. Implement outcome driven decision making tools to report and monitor at risk populations, new vaccine delivery, and inventory distribution and supply. This will not only allow public health to review their patient populations but also roll up information to area, community, region, state and national organizations.

The STChealth Consortium, made up of our key public health clients in the US and Internationally, are a driver of many of these initiatives, working to ensure that the entire community is prepared to take on COVID-19 and any future outbreak or pandemic. For example, the Consortium has already integrated COVID-19 lab results into our disease surveillance tool so they can be sent electronically up to the CDC.

“ In the last 30 days, we have given over 15,000 consumers immediate access to their immunization records. We don’t have a coronavirus vaccine yet, but people want to feel in control of their health, and getting up to date on immunizations is one way they can do that” said Mike. “There are still a lot of unknowns, but we aren’t going to sit around and wait until we know. We are armed and ready to support our public health partners NOW.”