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There are tens of thousands of deaths each year from the flu, new measles cases occurring after it was all but eradicated, and whooping cough still kills the young. These and many more diseases are diminished through the use of vaccines, public health prevention programs, and data intelligence. STChealth, is on the front line of this battle with its mission to eradicate preventable disease and empower individuals through innovative technology and service solutions.

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Covid-19 Emergency Response Plan

STChealth, with technology services and solutions that touch every piece of the healthcare ecosystem, is uniquely positioned to assist the entire country with a response for COVID-19.


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Connecting the ecosystem and closing gaps in care through One network.


Population Assessments
Immunization Gap Reporting
Point-of-care Metrics
Actionable Analytics

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STC | One

Immunization Registry
Electronic Data Exchange
Inventory management
Disease Surveillance

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Health Services

IIS Provider Support
Funding Opportunities

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MyIR Mobile

Official Immunization
Record Access
Patient Empowerment
Consumer engagement

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STChealth’s Data Exchange Network

STChealth’s Data Exchange Network processes an average of 1 million immunization records per day and enriches data across multiple systems to improve data quality and create consolidated immunization records for individual patients. The data flowing through our network empowers providers to close gaps in care for all vaccinations.

2 Million
Connected Consumers
80 Thousand
Provider Offices
56 Immunization
Information Systems
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