Health Information Technology Empowers Consumers to Improve Their Immunization Rates

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (PRUnderground) April 3rd, 2017

Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) will present at this year’s American Immunization Registries Association (AIRA) meeting on the power of giving individuals access to their immunization histories from medical record systems.

STC partners with members of the public health community to implement a consumer engagement tool known as MyIR (My Immunization Record). The free service allows individuals to enroll and authenticate on-line for access to their records. MyIR provides not only the past immunization events to the individual but also evaluates their history and identifies uniquely for each individual what immunizations they are past or currently due for.

Michael L. Popovich, CEO of STC indicated “in reviewing the demographics of over 50,000 individuals who have signed up to access to their family’s immunization events, we found that 72% were women and 60% in the age range of 25-44. We also uncovered that the public is learning to request this information from three key sources: their child’s school, their state health department and provider communities including pharmacies. ” Mr. Popovich indicated “34% of the individuals that enrolled for this services were referrals from schools with 13% each from state health web sites and the immunization provider community.”

Whether it is this year’s influenza shot or the second dose of a pneumonia series MyIR empowers the individual with actionable information to encourage them to protect themselves from disease. Health information technology is accelerating secure data exchanges from these valuable public health data assets directly to the consumer. Dr. Scott Hamstra, a well-respected pediatric physician, added “the ability to push out notifications and collect information specific to recent vaccines for individuals is a new capability that offers significant value and benefit to the lives and families of individuals.” Dr. Hamstra added “technology, data, immunization intelligence and engagement are the four keys to reducing the impact of diseases that are vaccine preventable.”

About Scientific Technologies Corporation

There are tens of thousands of deaths each year from the flu. There are new measles cases occurring when it had been all but eradicated. Whooping cough still kills the young. The impact of pneumonia, cervical cancer, and many more diseases are diminished through the use of vaccines, public health prevention programs, and data intelligence. The battle is fought every day to ensure that individuals are prepared, proactive, and empowered for any event or outbreak — from bioterrorism and newly emerging disease, such as the Zika virus, to the old diseases that never left. Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC), a health technology innovation and services company, is on the front line of this battle with its mission to advance population health outcomes through information technology.