• Covid-19 Emergency Response Solutions

    STChealth, with technology services and solutions that touch every piece of the healthcare ecosystem, is uniquely positioned to assist the entire country with a response for COVID-19.

Full-scale COVID 19 Approach

  • Enable consumer-facing triage and disease status to support case management now and identify those who can safely go back to work later
  • Support our public health partners with improved IIS infrastructure and increased data exchange connections in anticipation of vaccine distribution and administration needs
  • Reduce hospital and health system overload by arming our extensive pharmacy network with the tools for lab reporting, patient triage, and case management
  • Complete population risk assessment to assist with public health, healthcare system and employer decision making regarding workforce policies during the Pandemic
  • Employee health management tool to help businesses get back to work while keeping their staff safe

STChealth Epidemiology Report

Kyle Freese, PhD, MPH. presents on pandemics
and the lessons learned for Covid-19.

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National Preventable Disease
Information System

STChealth’s Information Network processes an average of 1 million immunization records per day and enriches data across multiple systems to improve data quality and create consolidated immunization records for individual patients. The data flowing through our network empowers providers to close gaps in care for all vaccinations.

  • Testing and Case Management
  • Immunization Management
  • Population Coverage

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