As Flu season gets underway, understanding a patient’s vaccination history at the point of care is vital to protecting communities and increasing immunization rates. All healthcare providers, but especially Pharmacists, play an incredibly important role in providing convenient access to immunizations for their local communities. STChealth’s presence as a provider of Vaccine Intelligence in all 50 U.S. States enables a national network of over 80,000 immunization providers to close gaps in care and report critical immunization data to all Public Health jurisdictions throughout the country.

The National Community Pharmacy Association’s Annual Convention wraps this week in Orlando, where a group of STChealth representatives were on-site to display STChealth’s most innovative solutions for Community Pharmacies. As Pharmacies continue to provide invaluable healthcare services, including immunizations, to their local communities, they also face challenges related to lower reimbursements, higher regulatory costs, and staffing.

“Community Pharmacies stepped up in a big way to support their local patient populations during the COVID Pandemic, and they continue to be a valuable resource for clinical services. We’re proud to support over 80,000 immunization providers across the United States, and we appreciate being part of the NCPA Annual Convention as it allows us to connect with more of the frontline organizations keeping our communities healthy during flu season,” said Jason Briscoe, Director of Pharmacy Operations at STChealth.

STChealth provides solutions to help Community Pharmacies identify opportunities for additional revenue by promoting recommended immunizations and clinical services to their patient populations. This clinical decision support is done in workflow, allowing Pharmacies to be efficient in how they communicate their services to patients who come into the pharmacy.

If your Pharmacy is looking for solutions to expand revenue and improve clinical decision support, visit Immslink to learn how STChealth can become your partner in Vaccine Intelligence.