Two thirds of US homes have a pet. This amounts to over 100 million dog and cat owners. 23 million households adopted a new pet during COVID. Each and every one does, or should, receive a vaccination on a regular schedule. Proof of vaccination is required by your new veterinarian, for stays in pet hotels, for business-operated play days, and for flying on airplanes to travel to other countries. And just like our own immunization records, you often have to track down Fido and Fluffies’ records.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of MyPetIR™, an innovative component of an individual’s immunization record tracking system MyIR™, developed by STChealth. MyIR™ currently retrieves individual immunization events retained in a select number of state public health immunization information systems (IIS). MyIR™ now includes the unique ability for the user to also record and retain their pet’s vaccinations. The MyPetIR™ feature provides a convenient and seamless digital solution allowing users to effortlessly track and organize both their and their pet’s immunization records all in one location.

“We understand the love and concern pet owners have for their four-legged family members, and we are delighted to include MyPetIR™ as a natural extension of an individual’s immunization information,” said Michael L. Popovich, CEO of STChealth.  “We know the importance of having access to a family’s immunization histories for school, travel, and to maintain good health. Now when a parent adds a child to their account in MyIR™ they will smile when they see they also have the ability to add a pet. This will simplify the management of their pet vaccinations. It will provide the owner with a convenient and secure solution to ensure their pets receive the necessary immunizations for a healthy and happy life and reduce the challenges of finding all their pet’s immunization records before they are arriving at the pet hotels or board an airplane!”

“Keeping on top of your pet’s immunizations is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. I am delighted that MyPetIR™ is available to help pet owners and veterinarians manage health needs for our non-human friends,” said retired Veterinarian Dr. Tom Miner.

For more information about MyPetIR™ and MyIR™, please visit and sign up for a free account.