Nerdery, a premier digital product consultancy, partnered with Scientific Technologies Corporation (STChealth) to internationalize STChealth’s market-leading Immunization Information System solution for the Qatari Public Health Department to deploy ahead of the world’s largest soccer tournament this year.

The Immunization Information System solution, which ensures immunizations and disease cases are monitored and managed leading up to and throughout the three weeks, was implemented in Qatar in 2019 as part of the preparations in hosting the worldwide event. Qatar’s Surveillance and Vaccine Electronic System, SAVES, today contains nearly 3.3 million patient records with at least two or more vaccinations, allowing the Ministry of Health to monitor and respond to public health emergencies.

Nerdery partnered with STChealth to optimize its existing SaaS application, making it more intuitive to use and cloud-based. Nerdery’s efforts also focused on back-end stabilization of the application, a critical need that meant transforming the North American-centric app into an international product.

“We were thrilled to support STChealth with this optimization,” said Meghan Stiling, Chief Digital & Operating Officer for Nerdery. “Qatar is now equipped with a best-in-class system, which is the same application that the state of Arizona used to get through the COVID pandemic.”

“We appreciate our partnership with both Nerdery in delivering this premiere vaccine registry platform to the people of Qatar and all of the fans attending the world’s largest soccer tournament.,” said Kristina Crane, Chief Strategy Officer for STChealth. “This is a great example of two Arizona companies providing world-class solutions to the international community.”