Two major themes took center stage at The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo and Association of Immunization Managers: Consumers are embracing retail pharmacy as a hub for routine health, and partnerships between pharmacy and public health were paramount during the COVID pandemic. To be ready for the next one, those partnerships must continue and broaden. 

STChealth, the only National organization with a large footprint in both private and public health, and trusted partner for over 34 years, is ready with their team of solution focused experts to support both markets. 

Over 3 days at the Total Store Expo, STChealth led 64 meetings with existing and potential strategic partners. Discussions ranged from expanding pharmacy tech vaccination programs, to supporting vaccine hesitant specific messaging and providing better insights to all stakeholders in markets where vaccine uptake is low.  

“Working with our clients on a daily basis certainly helps foster a close relationship, but there is no substitute for getting together in-person and having important conversations about the future direction of our partnerships, particularly with the National Pharmacy chains, said Kristen Hutchinson, VP of Pharmacy Innovation. “ We worked closely with every National Chain throughout the pandemic to ensure their immunization data was being reported to the proper channels, and now we can take those learnings and help our partners build a first-class customer experience. The STC|ONE Clinical Services platform includes everything a Pharmacy needs to establish and scale services for immunizations and lab tests at their physical locations.” 

At the Association of Immunization Managers Leadership Conference, STChealth representatives were invited to join the Corporate Luncheon where Immunization Program Managers and Alliance members had round table conversations focused primarily on the topic of modernizing the Immunization Registry so as to support healthcare of the future. Members of the STChealth Analytics, Professional Services, and Growth teams were present to share information about STC|ONE, the premier IIS solution for Public Health, and represent the retail pharmacy perspective on needs and challenges.  

“STChealth wants to thank AIM for hosting the Leadership in Action conference; we understand the importance of bringing these Immunization Programs together to have important conversations face to face. With the public health landscape changing significantly over the past two years, conversations about modernization and public-private partnerships are incredibly timely and important, said Tiffany Dent, STC’s Chief Growth Officer. “STChealth has been focused on modernizing systems and processes over the last decade and the results are directly beneficial to the 14 States that use STC|ONE as their IIS. States not using STC|ONE are still a part of STChealth’s Provider Access Network through the 75% of retail pharmacy that connects to 58 state and jurisdictional IIS. ” 

If your organization is operating in the Healthcare market and could benefit from enhanced patient data, reach out to STChealth at for a preview of our solutions.