From August 27-29, long time National Association of Chain Drug Store supporters, STChealth, will be in Boston to meet with pharmacy partners at their Total Store Expo. With over 33 years of experience connecting the healthcare ecosystem, STChealth looks forward to demonstrating the power of their trusted network and looking for new ways to ensure clinical teams at Pharmacies across the country have access to patient immunization history in real-time.  

“It’s more clear then ever, thanks to COVID, that Pharmacy plays a key role in patient healthcare, not just prescription drugs,” says STChealth Vice President of Innovations and Strategic Relationships Kristen Hutchinson. “As Pharmacy expands their services, we are right there to support their needs as one of the only organizations that works with both public and private healthcare and really understands how to optimize solutions”    

Throughout the Pandemic, STChealth has provided vaccine intelligence to over 65,000 Pharmacy locations through the STC|ONE Clinical Services platform. In 2021, STChealth reported over 1 Billion immunization events through its Immunization Intelligence Network, ensuring State and Federal Public Health organizations had access to critical data needed to make population-level healthcare decisions. Whether your organization is looking for better data, new revenue streams, or a well-established partner to help navigate the complexities of the healthcare ecosystem, STChealth is ready to with a trusted solution. Learn more about us at or contact for a custom preview.