Social Vulnerability Index Dashboard

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed the Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) as a way to measure a community’s vulnerability to emergencies, such as a pandemic. The index takes into account 15 unique factors within a community and determines a social vulnerability score for that community ranging from 0 to 1. Communities with scores closer to 0 are less vulnerable to emergency situations, while communities with scores closer to 1 are more vulnerable. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the STC Intelligence team has developed a dashboard that visualizes SVI scores for communities across the United States. Using this dashboard, anyone can determine their community’s SVI score, as well as understand how many hospitals and pharmacies are located within a 5 mile radius. 

To use the dashboard, first click on the “Map Selection” dropdown menu and select “State View”

By default, the State View will bring you to a view of Arizona – this is because STChealth is headquartered in Phoenix. To find your community, click on the search icon in the top left corner of the map and type in your state, city, or zip code:

When your desired location is displayed on the map, you can select specific regions. Your selected region’s SVI score will be displayed: 

In addition, when a specific region is selected, an overview of that region’s SVI score and the number of hospitals and pharmacies within a 5 mile radius will be displayed in the top left corner:

This information is helpful for understanding additional factors of vulnerability that SVI does not account for, such as the number of locations where an individual can receive treatment or medicine. 

You can also visualize the hospitals and pharmacies within a location by selecting one of the options under the “Map Layers” dropdown menu:

Selecting Hospitals or Pharmacies will display circles on the map. The larger the circle, the greater the number of hospitals or pharmacies located within that region:

Want to know what your community’s SVI score is? Click here to start using the dashboard. 


If you have any questions about this dashboard, please contact us at For more information about STChealth Intelligence, please visit our website