American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Foundation and Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) team up to host a national leadership summit for Healthcare Transformation that improves population health through immunization programs across public and private partnerships.

On Monday, December 18th, the summit will bring together professionals from the immunization ecosystem. Participants representing public health, commercial pharmacy, vaccine manufactures, clinical providers, NGOs, health payers and technology innovators will “think big,” collaborating and envisioning a Center of Best Practice. The collective goal is to imagine and create a center that engages, empowers, and builds awareness, know-how, and capacity to improve population health, reduce healthcare costs, and provide compelling value for collaborators to partner across the immunization and medication use ecosystems.

Ben Bluml, Senior Vice President, Research and Innovation American Pharmacists Association Foundation in WDC indicated that “in the fall of 2017 the APhA IMPACT Care Transformation Institute produced resources that embed 20+ years of evidence-based experience that consistently helped community pharmacy practitioners to succeed in transforming healthcare delivery and this demonstrates the value of a best practice center.”

STC CEO Michael Popovich added, “The center needs to be a focal point for catalyzing public health and private partnerships in immunizations by leveraging the power of technology, the untapped information in big data, and the engagement of the immunization provider with the consumer, creating wins for all, including public health.”

To encourage the participants to think big, the collaborative summit will be held at Galvanize, a creative and innovative workspace for startups located in the Phoenix Warehouse District. Popovich indicated that the Phoenix Warehouse District is one of those rare environments were innovation and the values of old school business come together. “It creates the atmosphere where the next generation of immunizations and healthcare can be envisioned. Immunization Ecosystem Participants should enjoy both the experience and where ideas start.”