Fully customizable on-boarding module reduces staff work load and paper trail


Automated reports to track provider’s and EHR Vendor’s data quality


Transaction details for HL7 messages throughout their lifecycle reduces staff workload

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Put your data to work

This state-of-the-art intelligent dashboard is designed to identify,
inform and impact the quality of data submitted to the IIS.

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  • Data Quality Assessment
  • All-In-One On-boarding Module
  • HL7 Monitoring for Providers and EHR Vendors

Data Quality Assessment

Automated reports track data quality in specific detail for each provider during the on-boarding process while helping states set data quality expectations and track against them.

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All-In-One On-boarding Module

Simplifies keeping track of providers throughout the on-boarding process and electronically creates, sends and collects interface form and other related documents.

HL7 Monitoring for Providers and EHR Vendors

Improved data quality monitoring and more accurate visibility into patient and vaccination data sent to the IIS

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