Network Access Support
& On-boarding

Working to provide effective assistance within the scope of support for our product and service offerings

Statement of Support

The scope of support will help identify what we are able to assist with and where we  may have some limitations due to circumstances beyond our control. Ideally, our goal  is to assist wherever and whenever we can; however, we are inserting some guidance  that will allow us to create a more consistent and efficient support experience.  If and when we can provide additional support beyond the scope as defined here, we  will do so, as a courtesy, at the discretion of STChealth and subject to availability of  resources.
Decrementing Issues
Reporting Support
Mapping Support
Onboarding Support
Functionality Defects

Contact Support

For any urgent COVID related issues, use the “COVID Response” ticket type.
For all other issues you can enter a regular “Support/Service Request” ticket.

Open Ticket

If you don’t already have access to the ticket portal or you did not receive an invite,
you can request access by  filling out this form.

Business Impact

P1 –  Showstopper: Issues that inhibit the ability to do business and require an immediate effort for  resolution. We have an all hands on deck approach and will halt any planned work until  the resolution of the issue has been achieved. While there are no guaranteed time  frames for resolution there is a guarantee of immediate effort to resolve.  The following are some characteristics of a P1 issue:

  • Complete or significant loss of function in business critical production systems.
  • No workarounds are available to allow business to continue.
  • The potential for data corruption or complete loss of service is time sensitive and any delay could result in catastrophic failure.

STChealth reserves the right to change the priority of a ticket based on the above definitions. STChealth business hours are defined as Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm Phoenix, AZ time (GMT-7), excluding STC holidays

Support Ticket Lifecycle

It is important to understand the lifecycle of support tickets in order to set clear expectations and avoid frustration.
This lifecycle is designed to provide intense focus on the highest priority issues



The ticket has been created and is in our queue waiting to get assigned.



The ticket has been assigned.



The ticket is being investigated.


Waiting for Customer

A prompt response with further information is needed from you.


Dev In Progress

A development issue has been created and is ready for development.


Pending Client Acceptance

The resolved issue has been applied/released and a prompt confirmation is needed from you.



The investigation and communication has been completed.

Dormant Tickets

Tickets that are in a status that is reliant on the customer, need to be responded to in a timely manner. Therefore, tickets in statuses of “Waiting for Customer” and “Pending Client Acceptance” will be automatically closed after 30 days in their respective statuses.

Working Effectively
in Support Tickets

To the best of your ability, please help the STChealth team by communicating the issue you’re facing with as much detail that is available to you. Whenever possible, include:

  • Attachments and screenshots relevant to the situation.
  • Detailed steps and description.
  • Relevant environmental details.
  • Detailed explanation of the business impact.

A ticket without all the necessary information, will result in our team asking you to provide further details on incomplete fields, before starting work on the ticket. This greatly reduces the efficacy of support as a whole, and is easily avoidable with more detail upfront. The more information the STChealth team is equipped from the beginning and within each reply, will result in faster resolution.

Customer Satisfaction

Within 24 hours of ticket closure, a customer satisfaction survey will be sent to the Reporter. STChealth tracks responses to these surveys with a target of 95% customer  satisfaction. STChealth management regularly reviews responses and may contact customers for more context. You may also contact us if you need to report a negative experience.

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