• 30 for 2030 Innovation in Immunization Summit 2:

    July 29 – 30, 2019 Phoenix, Arizona


30 for 2030 Innovation in Immunization Summit 2
July 29-30, 2019 Phoenix Arizona


This invitation-only event is designed to increase public and private partnerships in the immunization ecosystem. We are focusing on preparedness and the pending Healthy People 2030 goals for immunizations.

The group of 30 will devote two days to developing strategies and creating test projects that could move the needle toward the Healthy People 2030 immunization goals. We believe we can develop projects that can be tested in various locations in the US, likely with pharmacy and local Public Health.


This will be the first coalition of its kind – dedicating work toward any US health goal. Public Health’s traditional efforts that have fallen short of reaching goals. Pharmacy is key but there are barriers to working together. This group will connect the ecosystem and make ground-breaking progress.

We also hope to create more value in the state IISs. The CDC needs to see this in order to support continued investment in these systems.


We will use the data that flows through STC links and IISs to evaluate the outcomes of each project. Then we will develop recommendations for scaling across the US.


  • Summit 1 Participant Quiz
  • 4+ Projects Started Where Are They Today
  • Healthy People 2030 Immunization Goal Update
  • Project Ideas 2.0 – Revisit, Revise & Replace
    Leveraging Measles
    Influencing the Wary
    Public – Private Funding / Resources to Scale Engaging and Empowering Strategies
  • New Projects Launches

30 for 2030 Innovation in Immunization Summit 2