In a significant development for healthcare providers in North Carolina, STChealth has successfully established electronic vaccine reporting connections to The North Carolina Immunization Registry (NCIR) for pharmacies across the state. The NCIR is the official source for North Carolina immunization information. 

Established in 2005, the NCIR is a secure, web-based clinical tool which provides timely access to immunization records, limited to healthcare providers, and the patients and families they serve.  With the update to electronic connections, access remains in the hands of healthcare providers – including pharmacies – while improving the efficiency and effectiveness by which they interact with the tool. 

STChealth, industry leading Vaccine Intelligence company, has connected over 81,000 immunization providers to their local immunization registry in all states except North Carolina – until now. Pharmacists, as trusted healthcare professionals within the community, have played an increasingly crucial role as immunization providers over the last decade. STChealth believes the implementation of electronic vaccine reporting connections ushers in a new era of streamlined and accurate participation in the NCIR, with the goal of improving the health of all North Carolinians.  

“STChealth is proud to have facilitated the first electronic vaccine reporting connections for pharmacies in North Carolina,” said Jason Briscoe, Director of Pharmacy Operations at STChealth. “Our ImmsLink product is trusted by pharmacies, schools, and providers throughout the country to streamline immunization operations and equip patients with the power of protective care through vaccines.  This achievement reinforces our commitment to advancing health information exchange and interoperability to drive better health outcomes for individuals and their families.” 

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