From April 26 through April 27, STChealth participated in the American Immunization Registry Association’s 2022 National Meeting (a.k.a. AIRA 2022). While this year’s rendition of AIRA was virtual due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, that didn’t stop it from having just as big of an impact as past years of the public health conference. The focus of AIRA 2022 was to educate healthcare leaders on the latest Immunization Information Systems (IIS) best practices, as well as bring important IIS discussions to a national stage. STChealth shared in AIRA’s common goal of “…promoting the use of immunization information to ensure healthy communities through the development and implementation of immunization information systems (IIS).”

Although travel was out of the question due to the virtual nature of AIRA, STChealth delivered the next best thing with an exciting live virtual tour of Prague with Real Prague Tours to kick off the national meeting. Both STChealth’s partners and employees joined as Michal Stanislav took them around the historic city streets of Prague, showing them major sites and educating them on the history of this monumental European city while answering audience questions live.

STChealth also had the honor of presenting alongside Amazon Web Services (AWS) about their collaborative and proactive cloud movement, which helped agencies prepare for the pandemic through modern technology and scalability that expanded to consumer access and citizen engagement with public health agencies.

“I was ecstatic to partner with Betsy Baker and Jim Daniel from AWS at the 2022 AIRA conference to discuss exciting IIS and technology developments as the public health community continues to address the latest needs in improving not just pandemic related outcomes, but also moving all vaccine related public health needs forward,” said Ashely McDonald, Senior Director of Consulting Services at STChealth.

“STChealth had the forethought several years before COVID-19 to begin the process of moving their clients to a SaaS platform that incorporated native cloud technologies,” she added. “This move forward combined with an increased focus on Agile development methodologies allowed STChealth to have the needed flexibility to efficiently push-out new functionality releases, account for rapid data requests and accommodate the rapidly increasing data demands that this unpredictable pandemic presented to us.”

STChealth looks forward to plenty of additional public healthcare conferences in 2022, as well as returning to next year’s AIRA conference. For more information about how STChealth has been supporting the immunization ecosystem through Vaccine Intelligence during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit or contact More information about AIRA 2022 can be found at