By Taylor Transtrum

STChealth recently journeyed to Las Vegas, Nevada to kickoff the return of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s annual conference—a.k.a. HIMSS 2021 or HIMSS Interoperability Showcase—from August 9-13. Recognized as a premiere health information and technology conference, Vaccine Intelligence™ leader STChealth fit right in at HIMSS 2021.

At the focal point of STChealth’s exhibition and presentations were the organization’s advances in interoperability—the electronic sharing of immunization information between organizations and consumers, with a special focus on COVID-19 immunizations, provides a more complete view of the data and enables better decision making. STChealth’s dedication to interoperability has made personalized care and effective population health management possible through STChealth’s gamut of products and technology services. The STChealth Provider Network alone connects 54,000 immunization providers nationwide to 56 immunization registries—providing bi-directional connections integrated into a provider or pharmacist’s workflow wherever possible. 

“STChealth had an incredible HIMSS Interoperability Showcase,” reflected Kristina Crane, STChealth’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Thank you to HIMSS, Cerner, Epic and our awesome team at STC for participating in the COVID-19 pandemic journey to demonstrate how real time connectivity can impact health outcomes.”

Among the highlights of the multi-day conference were panels of keynote speakers ranging from healthcare professionals to tech industry leaders and business magnates. 

STChealth’s Director of Product, Ashley McDonald, reflected on the event with the following thought: 

“I had a great conversation with Dr. Stuart Weinberg, MD, from Vanderbilt University,” she shared. “For years Dr. Weinburg worked closely with Judy Merritt (STChealth’s Director of Data) and used our stand-alone forecaster, which he was exceptionally happy with. Dr. Weinberg made it a point to tell me how much he appreciated the work and communication that Judy had provided during their time working together and highly praised STChealth for our reliable and constantly improving solutions.”


STC is transforming how public and private healthcare professionals do business with the design, development and delivery of innovative technology solutions. By connecting the healthcare ecosystem and using data to inform decisions, STChealth builds a healthier future. For the past 30 years, the organization has worked with partners in state government and private industry to improve public health and immunization rates.

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