The District launched a new website today meant to act as a clearinghouse for residents’ vaccination records from the flu to tetanus and the coronavirus.

The portal will allow residents to view and print official copies of their vaccination records, and their dependents’ records, at any time. Perfect for if you lost your vaccination card or ran it through the wash on accident. The record can also be used as proof for places that require COVID immunization.

But many people on social media reported that despite being vaccinated, their data hasn’t shown up on the website,

Patrick Ashley, Senior Deputy Director of Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Administration at the DC Department of Health, says it could be a lag in the reporting.

Any vaccination sites in D.C. must transmit the data to the District’s immunization registry, which feeds the My IR portal. The rest comes through the CDC immunization gateway, which may take longer, he says.

Most times it should show up instantaneously, Ashley said.

District residents who got the vaccine in a different jurisdiction may have a delay in the information posting in MyIR. People who said they got their shots at a pharmacy like Walgreens and CVS, that are outside the District’s pre-registration process, also reported issues.

Some users didn’t find their COVID immunization on the main page, but it did appear on a PDF version of their record.

Users also must have the correct information to access the records, like the spelling of their name, address, phone number, and more. Ashley says your data could be missing if providers input your information incorrectly or you gave an old address. Some people may have also opted not to share their records when they got the shots.

But if you have trouble finding your COVID record, Ashley says to use the chat function to start an investigation where website reps will help track down the information and get it on your record. Ashley also recommended reaching out to the provider for help.

The portal is just one tool to help show you’re vaccinated — the vaccine card is still the most important tool, he said.

“Make sure to take a picture of it,” Ashley said.

Maryland has a similar vaccination record website at Virginians have to fill out an online form for their vaccination record.

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