Is Arizona Digital Vaccine Passport Ready?Although the terminology “vaccine passport” is quickly falling out of favor the simple question remains: how do individuals that want to travel or attend an event where proof of their vaccine is required find this information? Furthermore, the information likely needs to be from a trusted source and not just a paper form like those provided when you receive your immunization in the state.The good news is, if you live in Arizona you have access to this information in a digital form today. This may offer the proof required, and it works! All COVID-19 vaccine immunizations are reported by providers and pharmacists to the Arizona Public Health Immunization Information System known as ASIIS. This is a consolidated data system that retains the reported individual’s immunizations. It is a record, much like your birth certificate, in vital records systems and is used by your health care professionals. An application developed by STChealth known as MyIR Mobile can be used by individuals to retrieve their immunization records, including recent COVID-19 vaccines. Each dose and the date is recorded. The data is then available in a digital format for the individual once they have been authenticated and allowed for their record retrieval from the ASIIS system. Michael Popovich. CEO of STChealth, said, “Individuals that use this application are reporting that within just a few hours their digital copy of their most recent vaccine event is available to them on their smartphone. That is a major win for the providers, not only giving the immunizations but also reporting those quickly to ASIIS for individuals.”Mr. Popovich added, “Few states across the country have been leaders in public health technology innovation with a focus on not only providers but also the patients. Arizona is one of the few and one of the first, as MyIR has been available for over five years well before this pandemic.” STChealth’s Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Kyle Freese, PhD, MPH, added that, “Patients will discover they not only can retrieve their COVID-19 vaccine history in a digital form ready for immunization validation, but also an Arizona State School Certificate to school entry, camp attendance or any other required official vaccine record that may be needed.” This is the real value of the ASIIS consumer access vision—which is to empower individuals with information that shows them what immunizations they are due or past due, and provides a consolidated resource to save time and effort in tracking down their personal and their family immunization histories.”