STChealth’s consumer access solution, MyIR Mobile™, allows consumers to access digital immunization records contained in public health immunization information systems (IIS). This provides quick access to important patient health records at a time when there is an urgency to maintain traditional vaccines, ensure families are fully vaccinated for this year’s flu and the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine when available. Residents of Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Washington all have access to their immunization histories through MyIR®.

In Mississippi alone over 4,200 consumers accessed their immunization records in the last 7 days from the state IIS without the need to visit their provider or check their paper records. Nearly 22,200 consumers checked their records in the last 30 days. Michael Popovich, CEO of STCHealth said, “Each time a consumer accesses their immunization histories from a system that consolidates their immunizations no matter where they have received this they are presented with information that indicates what other immunizations they are missing. Making the full record available and helping the individual stay protected is the power of these connections.”

The value of the consumer access to their immunization histories in MyIR Mobile™ is further evident in that it allows a state certified record to be available to families for school, day care and camp entry. Mom, Sarah McKee says, “The time it saves me to access my child’s immunization histories and print a certificate for school is one of the small things in life that make me smile. I cannot think of anything as frustrating as attempting to find my family’s immunization records at the last minute.”

STChealth is partnering with public health immunization programs across the US to assist in deploying this consumer application. Dr. Scott Hamstra, Medical Director at STChealth indicated, “Empowering individuals to be more proactive with their health is a good goal, but it is hard. Patients that have access to their immunization histories allows us to send out timely reminders when they are due for a particular vaccine. For example, who remember the date of their last Tetanus shot, and that you need one every decade? Moms and their pediatrician keep track of the kids records but when they and we all get older, does anyone really pay attention. MyIR Mobile™ will help us all ensure our immunizations are current and that we have the right number of doses in a series to be optimally protected. Why take a chance when it is so easy?”

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