STC is now accepting Bitcoin donations on to support immunization record access for consumers

Scottsdale, AZ (PRUnderground) September 11th, 2017

Scientific Technologies Corporation announces a public-private partnership to advance consumer access to immunization records, just in time to help displaced hurricane victims. With a commitment to implement, sustain, and support state data exchanges at no cost to the state, STC is now accepting bitcoin donations via

Michael L. Popovich, STC’s CEO, announced during the company’s “Ideas Start Here” innovation day, “The private sector has the responsibility to contribute resources and solutions to support the government’s effort to fight disease. Public-private partnerships are not common in state health,” Popovich indicated. “But it’s time for businesses to sponsor efforts that advance the public’s health.”

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Scientific Technologies Corporation provided emergency technology services and support to public health and clinical professionals throughout the U.S. by creating an information framework that allowed physicians and providers to retrieve the immunization histories of individuals and their families as they sought clinical care, enrolled their children in new schools, and began to re-establish their lives, homes, and medical histories.

In the first month of the emergency, this effort saved over $4.6 million in revaccination expenses and created countless positive interactions with evacuees simply by availing a health record wherever they went. Access to information allowed the clinical community to determine disease risks, thereby maintaining immunization schedules and reducing the impact of vaccine-preventable disease and outbreaks in evacuee centers.

With the financial support of crowd-sourced donations, STC’s commitment is to empower each and every person to know their risks of vaccine-preventable disease by having easy access to their immunization records in state health data systems. Government funding is limited, while the health data assets in public data systems are increasing rapidly through electronic data exchange.

“Today everyone is concerned about the security of providing personal data or paying online, so we decided to leverage the concept of Blockchain.” Said Popovich.

The donations processed through STC’s website at allows only donations of Bitcoins, which can be seamlessly transferred into dollars, protecting the security of those who donate.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, all donations are being directed initially to assist the immunization programs of both public health and pharmacies in the states of Texas and Florida.

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There are tens of thousands of deaths each year from the flu. There are new measles cases occurring when it had been all but eradicated. Whooping cough still kills the young. The impact of pneumonia, cervical cancer, and many more diseases are diminished through the use of vaccines, public health prevention programs, and data intelligence. The battle is fought every day to ensure that individuals are prepared, proactive, and empowered for any event or outbreak from bioterrorism and newly emerging disease, such as the Zika virus, to the old diseases that never left. Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC), a health technology innovation and services company, is on the front line of this battle with its mission to advance population health outcomes through information technology.

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