STC Public Health Consultants have over 90 years of combined experience in the public health field.
Our consultants come from a diverse range of backgrounds including immunization programs, hospitals, regional health programs, and epidemiology.

Help Desk Staffing

With our custom state specific policies and procedures, organized ticketing system and an extensive knowledge base, we can significantly reduce both end user and health department frustration

Quality Improvement Consultation

VFC AFIX visits and support, strategic planning, Public Health Accreditation coordination all aim to improve efficiency

Interoperability Services

Implement or improve your data exchange programs using our suite of solutions such as gap analysis, documentation guidance, provider recruitment, on-boarding and HL7 assessment

Health Assessments

We deliver policy and program recommendations based on community health or program needs assessments to aid our partners in improving public health

Data Analysis

We deliver assistance in study design methodology, data collection, analysis and results interpretation to expand public health best practices


Our training services help reduce on-boarding and downtime between staff turn over for all levels of clients and users

we can make
a positive impact
on Public Health

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