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See how PHC HUB works with STC IQ to take your
data quality and processes to the next level.

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See what PHC Hub can do…

  • Provider Data Quality Profile Manager
  • HL7 message Validator, Constructor and Deconstructor
  • Error Management Utility

Provider Data Quality Profile Manager

1. Individual data quality profiles for each submitting provider organization.
2. Unique data quality settings for each individual provider organization.
3. Profile sharing between providers and creating templates for use by all providers

HL7 message Validator, Constructor and Deconstructor

1. Provides the necessary tools to evaluate and validate incoming HL7 messages.
2. Creates test HL7 messages based on a user entering the data needed in the message.
3. Easy analysis of HL7 messages by splitting them into different segments, fields and components.

Error Management Utility

1. Allows a user to “drill down” to the data element level to identify individual errors within the message.
2. Archiving and auditing for all incoming HL7 messages for later review.

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