Improves workflow and reduces
admin time for HepB case managers


STC’s Peri Hep B module integrates with any IIS platform reducing logins and support issues


Our expert public health staff armed with a suite of training resources will guide you every step of the way

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Together we can
eliminate Hepatitis B

Works with any bidirectional IIS using updated HL7

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  • Integrated Forecaster
  • Reminder/Recall Templates
  • Reports

Integrated Forecaster

The integrated forecaster mimics IIS forecasts for Hepatitis B vaccinations and has the most up to date serology forecasting based on CDC guidelines.

Reminder/Recall Templates

The built in templates all users to target or exclude both providers and contacts for follow up based on time since their last reminder.


Perform required CDC reporting and export directly from the HepB module with new case filters and enhanced functionality.

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