After a two-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, STChealth and immunization leaders around the country recently returned to STChealth’s downtown Phoenix, AZ headquarters to celebrate the return of the Thought Leadership Consortium (TLC).

Taking place February 21-24th, 2022, the four day-long consortium focused on celebrating the healthcare heroes from both the public and private healthcare sectors and connecting the two groups to focus on improving immunization program management, cross-sector collaboration and enhancing the patient’s immunization journey.

“This is the first time in a long time that all the people who have been working to deliver immunizations to the public during this pandemic have been able to get together and sit-down face to face and talk about the challenges, what they learned, what was good and what they need to be better prepared,” said Mike Popovich, CEO of STChealth. “That collaborative discussion around these issues and things that have helped the entire country is a big deal. We’re building on that momentum, and I think this is one of those unique times in our lives that these folks who have made a huge difference can come together and share those inputs.”

The 2022 rendition of TLC was also the first ever hybrid version of the multi-day consortium, where attendees could join either in-person or remotely. Incredible conversations were had about the current and future state of healthcare, bringing together essential insights and unique perspectives about how to make immunization data more complete and accessible, best practices in technology, and implementation of new programs the best it can be from both pharmacy and public healthcare perspectives.

“This meeting has been great because we’ve been able to learn what the pain points are with public health and pharmacy and develop a roadmap to be able to address those,” said Dave McCormick, Immunization Manager at the Indiana Department of Health. “I hope we can further these conversations and make sure we can get pharmacy involved to the greater extent.”

Many in attendance echoed similar sentiments, including Stacy Hall, a retired Immunization Director for the Louisiana Office of Public Health, who said: “From the conference, there was a unifying priority of solving how we fund what we need to do. The health and safety of our children triumph everything in this arena and that should be our priority as we move forward.”

The conversations and insights gained from this year’s TLC were invaluable, and STChealth has no doubt that the momentum gained from this experience will carry public health and pharmacies through the ongoing pandemic, preparing us for future pandemics and epidemics to come. STChealth is especially grateful for all the heroes in the healthcare field.

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